Teeny's Latest CD Review of "Voodoo To Do You"

Check out the latest Teeny Tucker CD review from the very important international Blues critic Vicente Zumel. It is extremely difficult to earn the rating of "GREAT" from this "Keeping The Blues Alive" award-winning journalist.
Teeny Tucker is one of these women any man with a little bit of sensitivity and good taste could fall in love with, only after five minutes to see her, or have her close to him or listen to her, because Teeny sings with passion, delivery, energy and intensity.

She is a woman who communicates thousands of different feelings difficult to describe in just a few lines. Teeny Tucker has to be listened and enjoyed calmly. You must taste her voice and her music little by little, with a relaxed mind, tenderness and much sensuality, a sensuality that Teeny knows how to combine and give to the audiences to light on, lose the sense of realitily and relax the mind as if it were drinking a good wine.

In this new album our heroine becomes a whirlwind of unleashed force, giving the best of herself in every song with a total commitment that will put your hair stand on end. The musicians who back her perfectly know what they are doing and display all their artistic knowledge in each and every one of the ten songs included in this magnificent "Voodoo To Do You!".

CD Rating: **GREAT**